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How to Maintain Your Weber Grill

How to Maintain Your Weber Grill

If you have went the extra mile to find that perfect Weber grill to do all your barbequing on you need to take extra steps to keep it new. Even though a Weber grill is built with quality parts and materials years in the outdoors can still put ware on your grill. The following tips should help to keep your Weber looking new, year after year.

Cover your Weber Grill

Grill covers are very beneficial. If you store your Weber charcoal or gas grill outside than you will want to protect it from the elements. The use of a grill cover can do this for you. Even if stored in a garage or shed you can use a cover to keep dust off the grill or to help avoid scratches. As most gas grills are made up of metals that may draw rust, they can be harmed by the accumulation of moisture on the surfaces.

By covering your gas grill you not only add safety of your grill from any damage if something falls on it or a heavy object is placed on it. But a grill cover also increases its durability and efficiency. If you use these covers, your grill will remain in excellent condition years after year. A grill cover used on a gas grill will also keep the igniter in good shape. Too much moisture will cause the igniter not to work. One last thing about using a cover, it will help keep animals and other bugs out of the grill when not in use.

Picking the right Weber grill cover is very important. Don’t be fooled by a generic brand grill cover. The generic brand is usually a lot thinner and cheaper material than what is used by Weber. A generic grill cover will rip easily and not fit the grill properly. But if you buy a Weber cover for your Weber grill you are guaranteed to get a cover made to fit your grill perfectly. If you are spending extra money on a top of the line grill don’t go cheap on the cover to protect it.

Check your Grill Gas lines

While you are doing your monthly upkeep on your Weber gas grill another thing you should add to the list is to check the gas lines. When maintaining your gas grill never forget to check the most important part, the gas lines. Usually you won’t have any problems with these but sometimes accidents do happen. So it is always better to be prepared. Some people move their gas grill from place to place so it is possible for the gas line to get damaged or rock out of place. If by chance you discover a damaged gas line you can go right to the Weber web site and look up your grill model and find the product number you will need to order. You will want to use genuine Weber parts. If the grill is still under warranty make sure you read the warranty and follow the directions so you don’t void your warranty.

Finally to keep your Weber grill in new condition be sure to clean it frequently. If you have just purchased a new Weber grill be sure to read all the paper work on it. They will usually include proper cleaning routines for your new grill. If they don’t have anything on cleaning your Weber grill in the box than just do a search on the web as you will find many articles on how to clean your charcoal and gas grill.

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