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Buying the Right Gas Grill For You

Buying the Right Grill For You

Gas grill or Charcoal grill which should you buy? This is what you will need to decide first. Are you the "it’s charcoal all the way” guy? Do you love being the man who can get the charcoals just right? Do you love the smell of lighter fluid and fresh charcoal bricks when you first start up the fire? Did you just answer yes to all of these questions? Well it looks like a Weber charcoal grill is for you.

But wait; do you want a perfect fire at the push of a button? Do you enjoy the accurate temperature control of a gas grill? Do you love to grill but don’t have the time to wait to set up the charcoal and get it ready to cook over? Than the convenience of a gas grill may be for you.

No matter which type of grill you favor you’re in luck. Many taste tests have proven no significant difference between the two. Just look at world known griller Booby Flay, he grills on gas all the time. I would suggest considering how you plan to use your grill and use this as the leverage to help you decide. If you love to grill every day a gas grill will be more convenient.

What to look for in a charcoal grill

So you have decided on buying a charcoal grill. Now which charcoal grill is best for you? Well here are some things to look for when shopping for that charcoal grill.

The Parts of a Charcoal Grill

The thing about charcoal is the simplicity of the parts of the grill. You have 3 main things on a charcoal grill, charcoal grate (for the charcoal bricks), the cooking grate (of course for the goods), and a lid to control your cooking (air vents very important).

Solid Constructed Grill

Always look for a sturdy well built grill, if it wiggles it is cheap. If the floor model isn’t solid than most likely the ones in the box wont be either. Look for a manufacturer that only uses high grade U.S. steel and also a baked-on, porcelain-enamel finish. The grill legs should be sturdy, with wheels that will roll easy.

The best cooking grates are made of cast iron, stainless steel, or porcelain-coated aluminum or cast iron. So try and find a charcoal grill with this option.

Grill Service & Maintenance

Any grill manufacturer that doesn’t offer a toll-free service line should be avoided. Make sure the grill comes with the proper paper work so if you need to order extra parts you will have a parts list.

What to look for in a Gas Grill

The Parts of a Gas Grill

The parts of a gas grill are quite simple: Burners for heat. On top of the burners you will need something to dispense the heat such as Weber’s Flavorizer bars, ceramic briquettes, lava rock, etc. Above that are the cooking grates.

The Cooking System

Better grills will offer separate burners which allow greater control of heat. The cheaper grills have only one burner shaped like an H. The one burner grills cause cold and hot spots on the grill. So look for a grill with 2 or more burners for best results. Another key thing is to look for the drip bar that will stop the flash up fires from the drippings from the food. The better drip bars are made of steel which was pioneered by Weber.

Solid Gas Grill Construction

As stated above in the charcoal grill area you will want to make sure the gas grill is sturdy and made from high quality materials. If it wiggles move on and look at the next model.

If you keep these small tips in mind when buying a charcoal or gas grill you can’t go wrong. Look for a sturdy grill with quality material, good warranty, great customer service and you will be off and cooking.

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