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Weber Summit Grills

Weber Summit Grills

Before the Weber Summit grill there wasn't really a top quality grill which would allow the really serious chef to prepare his top quality food outdoors, this is where Weber filled the market.

The Weber Summit range are a series of grills which are premium to the Weber grill range. The major differences between the Summit range and other Weber Gas Grills are the advanced features which are often included such as additional burners, commercial grade thermometer, side burners, sturdy stainless steal construction along with and electric ignition.

Many of the Weber Summit series went an overhaul not too long back and were improved even more based upon reviews and feedback from customers and web reports. Specifically the Weber Summit S-650 recived a massive overhaul and is now much improved.

You can read model specific reviews, average prices and deals below.

Weber Summit Grill Reviews

Weber Summit E-420

Weber Summit E-420 Grill

Average Price: $1337.00

Average Rating: 3/5

Weber Summit E-420 is right in the middle category of Weber grillers. It comes up with a stainless steel enclosure. There are two steel work surfaces for arranging the raw ingredients. It has 4-burners generating heat at 48000 BTU.

Weber Summit E-450

Weber Summit E-450 Grill

Average Price: $1620.00

Average Rating: 5/5

Weber Summit E-450 does have everything worthy of a fine griller. It has 4 burners with heat generation of 48000 BTU. There is a rotisserie spit operated through a heavy duty motor.

Weber Summit E-650

Weber Summit E-650 Grill

Average Price: $1999.00

Average Rating: 5/5

Weber Summit E-650 is a huge product with 6 gas burners. The griller does emit strong heat in the main burners at 60000 BTUs. This does not corrode the 9.5 mm thick cooking grates. Flavorizer bars allow the excess fat to trickle down.

Weber Summit E-420

Weber Summit S-420 Grill

Average Price: $1410.00

Average Rating: 4/5

Weber Summit S-420 makes cooking better and bigger. It comes all wrapped in stainless steel with porcelain shelling. It generates brilliant heat at 48000 BTU, enough to fry any living thing alive.

Weber Summit S-450

Weber Summit S-450 Grill

Average Price: $1650.00

Average Rating: 5/5

Weber Summit S-450 is smart cooking equipment that ensures variety. The griller does have 4 burners giving out 48800 BTU per hour. The side burner with 12000 Btu is useful for alternative grilling.

Weber Summit S-460 Grill

Weber Summit S-460 Grill

Average Price: $2100.00

Average Rating: 5/5

Weber Summit S-460 takes the Weber line to a new level. It does that with 4 burners that start with snap-jet technology. The entire equipment is mounted with stainless steel embellishments and porcelain hardness.

Weber Summit S-470 Grill

Weber Summit S-470 Grill

Average Price: $1889.00

Average Rating: 4/5

Weber summit S-470 is another top of the line Weber gas griller. It comes with many installations. There are 4 burners emitting about 48000 BTU per hour. The grate thickness is about 9.5 inches for minute grilling.

Weber Summit S-620

Weber Summit S-620 Grill

Average Price: $1640.00

Average Rating: 5/5

Weber Summit S-620 takes the Weber line up to new level with six burners. The equipment is enclosed with drawers and handles for appropriate console. The heat and weather resistant grates are quite thick.

Weber Summit S-650

Weber Summit S-650 Grill

Average Price: $2599.00

Average Rating: 4/5

Weber Summit S-650 does have six burners. It does have a rotisserie burner too attached to a heavy duty motor for better efficiency. It generates heat at a commanding 6000BTU per hour.

Weber Summit S-670

Weber Summit S-670 Grill

Average Price: $2159.00

Average Rating: 5/5

Weber Summit S-670 has six burners emitting 60000 BTU. If that is enough heat, there is a side burner too generating 12000 BTU.

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